VirtualBox Main API
Todo List
Member GuestMouseEventMode
A clear pattern seems to be emerging that we should usually have multiple input devices active for different types of reporting, so we should really have different event types for relative (including wheel), absolute (not including wheel) and multi-touch events.
Member IConsole::teleport (in wstring hostname, in unsigned long tcpport, in wstring password, in unsigned long maxDowntime, [retval] out IProgress progress)
Explain the details.
Class IExtPackManager
Describe extension packs, how they are managed and how to create one.
Member IMachine::getBootOrder (in unsigned long position, [retval] out DeviceType device)

[remove?] If the machine can have more than one device of the returned type (such as hard disks), then a separate method should be used to retrieve the individual device that occupies the given position.

getHardDiskBootOrder(), getNetworkBootOrder()

Member IMachine::setBootOrder (in unsigned long position, in DeviceType device)
setHardDiskBootOrder(), setNetworkBootOrder()