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 Common Defintions and Macros
 Device Emulations and Drivers
 The Virtual Machine Monitor
 The CPUM ring-3 API
 The CPUM Raw-mode Context API
 The CPUM ring-0 API
 The CPUM raw-mode and ring-0 context API
 The Support Library API
 Virtual Disk Container
 VBox Basic Types
 VBox Error Codes
 VBox Disassembler
 VBox Logging
 VBox Parameter Definition
 MS COM / XPCOM Abstraction Layer
 VirtualBox External Authentication Library Interface
 VirtualBox Guest Additions Device DriverAlso know as VBoxGuest
 The Windows Network Configration Library
 VMM Device
 The VirtualBox Debugger
 The SCSI inline helpers
 USBLib - USB Support LibraryThis module implements the basic low-level OS interfaces and common USB code
 IPRT Common Definitions and Macros
 RTCrCertCtx - (Store) Certificate Context.
 IPRT Disk Volume Management
 IPRT Filesystem VFS
 ASN.1 definitions
 Microsoft CodeView Debug Information
 File Allocation Table (FAT) structures and definitions
 HFS - Hierarchical File System.
 ISO 9660 structures and definitions
 Relocatable Object Module Format (OMF) structures and definitions
 PE & Microsoft COFF structures and definitions
 Universal Disk Format (UDF) structures and definitionsReferences:
 Extensible Archive (XAR) format
 IPRT Base Types
 PIIX3 ATA Bus Master DMA
 BS3Kit - Boot Sector Kit#3The BS3Kit is a framework for bare metal floppy/usb image tests, see the doc page for more