Benchmark Results

Test NameVB3CPU2VB3CPU1AThis Computer
CPU - Integer Math161.382.0150.6
CPU - Floating Point Math864.0466.2700.1
CPU - Find Prime Numbers281.3149.3241.6
CPU - SSE/3DNow!3073.21645.62848.6
CPU - Compression4477.72277.94356.7
CPU - Encryption33.617.332.5
CPU - Image Rotation746.5369.8647.5
CPU - String Sorting2737.51453.61665.7
Graphics 2D - Lines2.84.40.6
Graphics 2D - Rectangles8.720.317.1
Graphics 2D - Shapes2.93.90.7
Graphics 2D - Fonts and Text36.449.511.5
Graphics 2D - GUI92.7161.625.6
Memory - Allocate Small Block2214.72210.62154.8
Memory - Read Cached1287.71288.61214.3
Memory - Read Uncached1155.61136.21087.7
Memory - Write1225.01201.31014.2
Memory - Large RAM114.4148.7157.6
Disk - Sequential Read97.3127.467.8
Disk - Sequential Write94.695.859.3
Disk - Random Seek + RW93.5105.162.3
CPU Mark992.8521.7869.9
2D Graphics Mark68.5114.035.2
Memory Mark443.4442.5416.1
Disk Mark1031.91187.6685.0

System information - This Computer

CPU Manufacturer:AuthenticAMD
Number of CPU: 1 (2 Core(s)/CPU, 1 Logical(s)/Core)
CPU Type: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+
CPU Speed: 2741.2 MHz
Cache size: 512KB
O/S: Windows XP (WIN32)
Total RAM:1999.5 MB.
Available RAM:1621.2 MB.
Video settings: 1920x957x32
Video driver
VirtualBox Graphics Adapter
VirtualBox Video Adapter
Version 0xB0C2 or later

Drive Letter: C
Total Disk Space: 40.0 GBytes
Cluster Size: 4 KBytes
File system:NTFS
VB3CPU2 = VirtualBox 3.0.10 dual CPU VB3CPU1A = VirtualBox 3.0.10 single CPU This computer = VirtualBox 3.1.0 dual CPU