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#1936 Caps lock not being properly passed through to guest keyboard reopened -- defect minor
#2097 Minimize to task bar on key minimize on key new -- enhancement minor
#4167 Mac OSX Host: Enable CD/DVD Eject Key in Guest CD/DVD eject key keyboard new -- enhancement minor
#5076 Keyboard go crazy (miss map) after screen turn off and come back keyboard key miss map new -- defect major
#5594 Keyboard mapping problems using SSH tunneling ssh tunneling keymap new -- defect major
#5764 Arrow and other keys not working when starting with VBoxSDL => Fixed in SVN VBoxSDL arrow keys reopened -- defect critical
#5837 Ability to swap "Windows" and "Alt" key mapping keyboard mapping new -- enhancement major
#7407 feature request - double-click action in main window customizable (i.e. open settings instead of starting vm) interface, gui, keybinding, mouse, actions new -- task trivial
#7681 extended keyboard layout support under the builtin vnc server (OSE) vnc keymap new -- defect major
#8393 A way to define key-combinations which always are passed to the Host OS keyboard, shortcuts new -- enhancement minor
#9004 Neo-layout keyboard in host is not supported, regression from Bug #2595? keyboard support NEO2 new -- defect minor
#9026 Keyboard problem on guest systems in w7 host keyboard new -- defect critical
#9076 After canceling Cmd-Q confirmation dialog keyboard settings are screwed up keyboard new -- defect major
#14093 AltGr issue on Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 with Czech keyboard layout keybord new -- defect major
#14302 Keyboard Caps lock, Num lock and Scroll Lock problems with Virtualbox 5.0 Keyboard new -- defect major
#14824 Command-W does not close VirtualBox. window close keyboard shortcut new -- enhancement major
#15198 Virtualbox misses keypress isuued just after capture lost missing keypress focus new -- defect minor
#15234 Starting virutalbox causes ctrl, shift, alt and super key to stay pressed keyboard pressed uac new -- defect major
#15376 Keyboard key sticks in "down" state, cannot be cleared key stuck down new -- defect major
#15564 NO RESPONSE from Escape, Backspace, and other keys with VirtualBox on Windows 10 host backspace, escape, keys don't work new -- defect minor
#15767 Keyboard capture often escapes to host when using the "Windows" key (Windows host, Linux guest) keyboard capture new -- defect major
#15822 window guest on os x host, select multiple items with ctl right mouse click not torking mouse left click ctl key new -- defect major
#15902 keyboard not working when using certain rdesktop options rdesktop keyboard login user domain password new -- defect major
#16067 typing OS name in vbox GUI in russian layout - just garbage russian keyboard layout new -- defect major
#16072 5.1.6 messed them up, shortkeys, session information window shortkeys, session, information, host new -- defect major
#16410 Keyboard capturing sometimes not working keyboard, integration, capturing new -- defect minor
#16507 Windows 10 freezes when using a KVM switch while VirtualBox is running VMs KVM, mouse, keyboard, freeze new -- defect major
#16610 In Mac version 10.12.3 virtual box 5.1.18 can not Capturing and releasing keyboard and mouse can not Capturing and releasing keyboard and mouse new -- defect major
#16718 VM keeps keyboard when switching to host keyboard, integration, capturing, mouse new -- defect minor
#16734 Keyboard re-captured with no clear reason hotkey host-key laptop brightness volume new -- defect trivial
#16783 held keypress causes "flickering" responses in VM key press responses new -- defect minor
#16816 8042/BIOS16 keyboard issues 8042/BIOS16 keyboard new -- defect minor
#16852 USB Barcode Scanner not working properly under Windows Virtualbox usb keyboard barcode scanner input new -- defect major
#17126 keyboard mouse not functional on host after dock(or unplug/plug mouse/kb) usb mouse keyboard grab new -- defect major
#17341 ~30% keyboard strokes reach VM for vbox 5.2.2 only keyboard, stroke new -- defect major
#17355 Key fingerprint in downloads area cannot be verified key fingerprint new -- enhancement major
#17422 Switching away from guest alters NumLock state of host keyboard new -- defect major
#17459 Keyboard/mouse not working after connecting to Dell Docking Station keyboard mouse docking station new -- defect trivial
#17508 USB Passthrough Keyboard sometimes does not detect keystrokes USB Keyboard Passthrough new -- defect major
#17593 Unable to Rename Screenshot - Keyboard Capture Keyboard Capture new -- defect minor
#17668 Keyboard does not work in Linux Build 5.2.8 r121009 Keyboard new -- defect major
#18076 Linux Mint 19 guest using Touch Keyboard in Windows 10 host not working with some keys touch keyboard new -- defect major
#18157 keys repeat (example: moving the cursor) will make shift or control key stick keyboard caps-lock ctrl constant new -- defect major
#18488 standard tty control sequences ignored in all VM's keyboard new -- defect --
#18545 Can't enter vdisk size with keyboard Keyboard entry new -- defect --
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