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#11476 build time dependences not documentend in debian control file debian wheezy build new -- enhancement minor
#14075 Windows VM crashes Debian host, NMI for unknown reason points to "vboxdrv" Crash, Dump, NMI, Windows, Linux, Debian, Interrupts, vboxdrv new -- defect critical
#15149 Files are not deleted when deleting many files, but VM thinks they are delete files, debian, directory not empty new -- defect critical
#16341 With 3D Enabled OpenGL apps fail to work in Stretch Client on Jessie Host 3D Acceleration : Debian Stretch Client : OpenGL : xorg : X11 new -- defect critical
#16787 Clipboard actions interference [Host:Debian 9 Stretch RC03][Guests: Win7Ultimate, Debian 8.8 Jessie] clipboard,screenshot,debian,stetch,jessie,windows new -- defect major
#17268 Guest Addition graphics driver build fails on Debian 9.2 -> fixed debian x11 guest new -- defect major
#18410 debian-stretch-netinst does not work with 'VBoxManage unattended install' because of incorrect install menu defaults VBoxManage unattended install debian installgui new -- defect --
#18649 Can't install Guest Additions on LMDE3 guest additions, debian 9 new -- defect --
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