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#21876 Slow Network Throughput when using Bridged network new defect network
#21878 regression: VM crashed when try to change non-existent host network interface at startup new defect network
#21881 Network perfomance degradation while passing from 5 to 6 CPUs on a 12 cores Intel CPU. new defect network
#21882 VBoxNetAdpCtl crash with SIP partially disabled new defect other
#21885 FreeBSD default Graphics Controller new enhancement other
#21886 vbox 7.0.12 vboxSVGA with 3d "on" hangs on win 11 22h2 host new defect other
#21888 Reporting Guru Meditation new defect installer
#21889 Virtualbox 7: importing does not register VM correctly new defect VM control
#21892 UEFI doesn't see floppy images new defect EFI
#21893 Host network drives not available new defect shared folders
#21894 My virtual machine does not have a WLAN new defect other
#21897 Testing on various environments needed: SMP boot is much slower than UP boot. new defect other
#21899 Windows on Windows remote desktop causes Qt5GuiVBox.dll to use a null pointer new defect other
#21900 Windows 10 and 11 Screen Flickering new defect 3D support
#21902 VBoxGuestAdditions.iso: Decompression failed new defect guest additions/x11/graphics
#21903 SUPR3HARDNTCHILDPURIFY 5637 new defect other
#21904 Windows canary build 25992 Unknown rc=-3748 new defect other
#21910 Can't build vbox tools => fixed in svn new defect guest additions
#21915 Title bar remains white when Windows is set to Dark mode new defect GUI
#21916 I would like the option to make sidebar to auto disapear after n seconds new enhancement GUI
#21917 VBox doesn't detect "modern standby" sleep mode on Win11 host new defect other
#21918 The whole system just freezes new defect other
#21921 Windows Server 2003 boot hangs with guest additions 7.0.12/13 new defect guest additions
#21922 Reset des hgesamten Systems durch VBoxUSBMon.sys new defect guest additions
#21923 Will not install new defect installer
#21924 3d acceleration does not work new defect 3D support
#21926 Initial Creation of Host Network Interface fails with VBoxNetAdpCtl error new defect other
#21928 virtualBox serious crash new defect other
#21930 VirtualBox GUI crashes on first launch new defect GUI
#21931 RDP to windows crashes VM assigned pentagonik defect other
#21933 Installation of Windows Server 2025 guest fails to progress new defect other
#21935 Drag & Drop host to guest >< guest to host new defect other
#21936 Ubuntu 20 VM hangs when running Acunetix scans long time on Virtualbox 7.0.12 new defect guest control
#21937 VB 7.0.12 freezes randomly when copying or moving big files to VB shared folder new defect other
#21938 D'n'D Guest to Host and vise versa new defect drag and drop
#21939 Errore Interno Driver Windows11ProIta VBoxNetLwf new defect other
#21940 drag picutre from chrome browser will cause crash new defect drag and drop
#21941 Linux Guest graphics freezes when using 3D acceleration new defect guest additions/x11/graphics
#21943 Emulated hardware BIOS info is not propagated to Windows hosts' registry new defect VMM
#21945 Add storage management (library) with multiple locations new enhancement VM control
#21948 Win7 crash if I extract archives new defect other
#21949 7.012r159484 Guest Additions crash Windows 7 Guest new defect guest additions
#21951 VirtualBox installer doesn't close running virtual machines / GUI resulting in broken installation after upgrading new defect installer
#21952 0010:rtR0MemObjLinuxApplyPageRange+0x6b/0xa0 [vboxdrv] => fixed in svn new defect other
#21953 Clipboard issue: Host - Debian 11, VM - Debian 12 new defect clipboard
#21954 Virtualbox 7.0.12 VM crashes when a bluetooth component is removed new defect audio
#21956 guru_meditation narrowed down new defect VMM
#21959 Text in Fusion360 Sketches is Not Rendered new defect other
#21960 USB drives don't connect - VERR_SHARING_VIOLATION new defect USB
#21962 Installing GuestAdditions on ParrotOS fails (partly) (make: *** [/tmp/vbox.0/Makefile-footer.gmk:133: vboxvideo] Error 2) new defect host support
#21970 VirtualBox 7.0.12: Ubuntu22.04 Host Windows7 Client: USB stick and Scanner not connected to client properly new defect USB
#21976 Promiscuous mode Linux Host virtio interface new defect other
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