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#9964 cloned(full) openSUSE12.1 is not able to find it´s harddrive new clone, harddrive defect major
#11562 VirtualBox does not honour regular/shareable disks while cloning. new clone shared disk enhancement minor
#12794 Icon-indication for Cloned-VMs (VirtualBox UI) new clone enhancement minor
#14057 CPU spikes when concurrently using an XP VM and its complete clone on Debian new cpu spinning vm cloned concurrent defect minor
#15229 Can't clone with name of deleted VM / clone new clone deleted missing reusing ghost defect minor
#16006 virutal machine paused with clonezilla new clonezilla defect major
#16321 Failure when trying to do a second clone from one machine new clone defect major
#16322 Allow specifying a VHD diff file location when cloning new clone diff enhancement minor
#16328 Clone with Everything, Linked Clone errors new clone, linked clone defect major
#16423 Unable to boot after converting .vmdk to .vdi new clonehd clonemedium fatal vmdk vdi defect major
#17487 Strange behaviour of linked clones. new linked clone HardDisks media register defect major
#17994 New fearture: Clone with blank disk new clone enhancement minor
#18232 RFE: Cloning a VM from the GUI should place the cloned VM right below the original in the list new clone, VM list enhancement trivial
#18357 Clone fails because newly created vdi is attached to clone it just made. new clone defect
#18746 Live snaphot cloning (VBoxManage clonevm) fails when basefolder is SMB share new live snapshot clonevm samba defect
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