[vbox-dev] on Windows installation fails if TEMP environment variable is mapped to the imdisk ram drive

Konstantin Vlasov flint at flint-inc.ru
Sat Nov 19 00:24:52 UTC 2022


> steps to reproduce:
> 1. create imdisk virtual ram disk and map TEMP environment variable to it
> 2. launch VBox installation

> when installation starts (right after pressing the "install" button) it 
> fails.

> if I revert %TEMP% to system default, all works fine.

I suspect that this might be caused by the ram disk visible only to the current 
user, and not system-wide. The installer needs to work with elevated 
administrator privileges, and that session has its own namespace for disk 
letters. So it doesn't see the disk and unpacked files in the TEMP dir that it 
needs for installation.

Bye.                                    With best regards,
                                        Konstantin Vlasov.

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