[vbox-dev] Python2 dependency in VitrualBox 6.1.26

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Fri Jul 30 14:22:17 GMT 2021

Good news! Thanks for info! четверг, 29 июля 2021г., 20:55 +03:00 от Klaus Espenlaub  klaus.espenlaub at oracle.com :

>The next release (6.1.28, whenever it will happen) should not have
>    the python2 dependency any more. Hope that the additional comments
>    in the packaging are clear enough so that this issue will never
>    re-occur.
>On 2021-07-29 19:10, Klaus Espenlaub
>      wrote:
>>Detailed investigation revealed that the removal of the python2
>>      dependency was due to a build issue with 6.1.24 where the release
>>      engineer used a workaround (there was a build failure) which had
>>      this side effect.
>>In any case, the dependency (which was actually added back by a
>>      developer in 6.1.6) should not be there.
>>The python3 support still needs some work because practically
>>      every Ubuntu version has a different 3.x version (which means that
>>      we'd need to build many more packages for the various Ubuntu
>>      versions). There is a special stable API for python3 which we need
>>      to adapt our code to use, then it will be feasible.
>>It is the required library which causes those API dependencies.
>>      The actual python scripts are long adapted and can be used by
>>      python3 without trouble.
>>On 2021-07-29 07:18, 1 1 wrote:
>>>Hello, in version 6.1.24
>>>          was removed dependency on python2. Why in version 6.1.26 was
>>>          returned? When will migration to python3? Thanks! 
>>>OS: Kubuntu 20.04 x64
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