[vbox-dev] VBox 6.1.22 on linux amd64 : building OSE with with-openssl-dir : configure fails

Klaus Espenlaub klaus.espenlaub at oracle.com
Thu Jul 29 18:21:25 GMT 2021

Hi John,

On 2021-07-27 03:03, John Lumby wrote:
> On my linux system,  (kernel is 5.10.46) , with openssl 1.1.1j built in its own directory at /opt/openssl,
> I run
> ./configure --disable-hardening --build-libxml2 --disable-pulse --build-headless --enable-vnc --with-iasl=/usr/local/bin/iasl --with-openssl-dir=/opt/openssl --disable-vmmraw --disable-java --disable-qt --disable-docs
> which fails with a zillion
>   /usr/local/bin/ld: ssl_init.c:(.text+0x4d): undefined reference to `xxx'
> because configure has a line
> LIBCRYPTO="${OPENSSLDIR}/lib/libcrypto.a ${OPENSSLDIR}/lib/libssl.a"
> with the libs in the wrong order for what ld linker requires : libssl.a has references to external symbols in
> libcrypto.a .
> the line should read
> either
> LIBCRYPTO="${OPENSSLDIR}/lib/libssl.a ${OPENSSLDIR}/lib/libcrypto.a -lpthread -ldl -lm"
> or
> LIBCRYPTO="${OPENSSLDIR}/lib/libssl.so ${OPENSSLDIR}/lib/libcrypto.so"
> configure runs without error if either --with-openssl-dir= is omitted (assuming that package is in a standard location) or if --build-libssl is specified.
> It is unusual for a package to deliberately choose to link to static libs rather than dynamic-shared libs so I assume there was some reason for it,   so I don't know what other considerations there may be or  what the best correction is.

Taking a deep breath... yes, there is a reason. VirtualBox's configure 
script is currently prepared to handle 3 cases for the openssl library.

1. Use the system openssl. Very easy, because it should be detected 
automatically, without needing any special options to configure. It is 
the best solution if you want to be able to update openssl without also 
updating VirtualBox.

2. Point to a specific static openssl. Needs to be static because that 
minimizes the effort for distribution (including a dynamic library in 
the VirtualBox package is really not better than linking statically).

3. Tell the VirtualBox build system to compile the included openssl 
library (see directory name src/libs/openssl* which version it currently 
is). Also linked statically, for the same reason as 2.

Your approach seems to be halfway between 1. and 2., which no one needed 
so far and it shouldn't replace any of the known working cases anyway, 
so your diff would likely need to be more complicated.

However, you are right that case 2. was never really tested thoroughly 
on Linux, so I just made the necessary adjustments. They will be in the 
source for 6.1.28.

Hope this makes the logic somewhat clear...

BTW, openssl is at version 1.1.1k currently (we learned the hard way, 
too, because we watch for new versions but their changelog page until 
today doesn't have a proper release date for 1.1.1k - still says "[xx 
XXX xxxx]"), which is in 6.1.26.


> Cheers,   John Lumby

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