[vbox-dev] CUE support: BINARY endianess

Dennis Borde dennis.borde at gmail.com
Thu Jul 15 10:58:07 GMT 2021

Hi everybody,

playing audio CD images (CUE/BIN) does not work (at least on Windows 10
host and Windows XP guest). However, I guess it is a general issue with the
handling of endianess.

According to "
BINARY is always little endian and
MOTOROLA is always big endian.

In "VirtualBox-6.1.22/src/VBox/Storage/CUE.cpp" in the function "cueRead"
it swapps the bytes in case it is little endian.
Also the keyword MOTOROLA for big endian is not defined, although there is
code for it.

The following patch should fix it. Unfortunately, I do not have a running
build environment to test it. Maybe someone of you has the chance.

<             && pThis->fLittleEndian)
>             && !pThis->fLittleEndian)

Best regards
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