[vbox-dev] VirtualBox 6.1.18 Fedora 32 repo files have wrong SHA256 (again)

Richard Graham rickhg12hs at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 07:49:12 GMT 2021

Files in directory:

... have an incorrect SHA256 for Fedora 32 VirtualBox v6.1.18

<package type="rpm">
> <name>VirtualBox-6.1</name>
> <arch>x86_64</arch>
> <version epoch="0" ver="6.1.18_142142_fedora32" rel="1"/>
> <checksum type="sha256"
> pkgid="YES">77e441d509bb75311b306fa4b24f153fd188d3eabcd0294cb62bf491c4cefdcc</checksum>

Other SHA256sum files on download.virtualbox.org have the correct SHA256.
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