[vbox-dev] Shared clipboard support disabled on Linux guests in 6.1.4 (and trunk)

Andrew Caldwell Andrew.Caldwell at metaswitch.com
Wed Feb 26 12:48:49 UTC 2020


It appears that the code that starts up the Xserver integration for clipboard handling is commented out, both in the 6.1.4 guest additions and in the master codebase, the `vboxClipboardConnect` function is wrapped in `#if 0 ... #endif` and the callsite is replaced with `int rc = 0` (in place of `int rc = vboxClipboardConnect()`).

This means that starting `VBoxClient -clipboard` spawns a process that sleeps for 60 seconds then shuts down and provides no clipboard integration whatsoever.

This wasn't documented in the 6.1.4 changelog, and the way the code's laid out suggests that this is a work in progress that's snuck into trunk?

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