[vbox-dev] Bugs spotted when using VirtualBox 6.1.97 r140059.

Klaus Espenlaub klaus.espenlaub at oracle.com
Fri Aug 28 17:30:15 GMT 2020


On 2020-08-27 14:10, Cyrax wrote:
> 1. Audio issues. When using PulseAudio driver in guets, VirtualBox
> 6.1.97 r140059 creates several playback streams in the host OS and none
> will output any sounds. Switching to ALSA driver, I get sound but
> somehow changing other Guests volume affects other one.

I don't remember significant audio changes in quite a while. Are you
sure that this is new in 6.1.97 (which is a dev version of what will be
released in the unknown future) and does not happen in 6.1?

Also, you'd need to describe in a lot more detail what "using PulseAudio
driver in guests" means. Which Linux distro, which audio config in the
VM, all config details, VBox.log and so on. Otherwise we can't say much

Or are you talking about using PulseAudio on the host (yeah, the driver
is selected in the VM config, but it will not be used as such by the
guest since that can be any OS)?

> 2. Taking a snapshot aborts running guest. This happened to Windows
> Guest of mine. Attached two files which one is output from "coredumpctl
> info" and the log file of the guest (VBox.log)

This could be anything... from the stack traces it's some sort of heap
corruption (from the looks detected straight after a new thread was
started). Not something we're seeing ourselves so far.

VBox.log is always useful (even though if this case it doesn't
correspond to the crash you mentioned, because it's a successful VM run
which takes about 14 seconds, ending with a poweroff). It shows that
you're using a rather unsuspecting VM config.


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