[vbox-dev] Memory initialization

b38911 b38911 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 28 20:15:21 GMT 2019

Hello all.

I was suggested to post my question here.

Here my doubt:

I noticed this behavior, which is probably expected: dumping the RAM of 
a guest (with ".pgmphystofile" command) I saw that the memory is not 
initialized between virtual powercycle, like if there was a real 
powerdown. Sometimes, between restarts of the guest (with a shutdown and 
then a restart), I find some memory artifacts belonging to processes 
that shouldn't be there.
I assume this happens because I'm not restarting the host system, so 
probably the RAM is just remapped, but not initialized. This is a bit 
annoying in some case, especially if you are using the system for 
testing purposes.

Is there a way to force the guest to initialize the allocated RAM to 
zero (or something else), in order to emulate a real powerdown-powerup?
Thanks for your help.


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