[vbox-dev] Guest addition .so's from 6.0.10 missing in build

Michal Nowak mnowak at startmail.com
Wed Jul 17 17:11:12 GMT 2019


I built VirtualBox 6.0.10 for OpenIndiana (amd64 solaris target) and 
then I attempted to build guest addition (solaris x86 target with 
--additions-only). Compared to VirtualBox 6.0.8, several .so files, 
which belong to guest additions, are missing in the build.

Notably following files are missing:

VBoxOGLarrayspu.so VBoxOGLcrutil.so VBoxOGLerrorspu.so 
VBoxOGLfeedbackspu.so VBoxOGLpackspu.so VBoxOGLpassthroughspu.so

Any idea what this might be?

Configuration of the x86 build:

( cd 
= 1' '\nVBOX_ONLY_ADDITIONS  = 1' '\nVBOX_GCC_OPT= -m32 -O3 ' 
'\nVBOX_GCC_std = -std=c++11' '\nVBOX_WITH_TESTSUITE=' 
LocalConfig.kmk; /bin/cp -f -a 
; /usr/bin/env CONFIG_SHELL="/bin/bash" CC="/usr/gcc/6/bin/gcc" 
CXX="/usr/gcc/6/bin/g++" F77="/usr/gcc/6/bin/gfortran" 
FC="/usr/gcc/6/bin/gfortran" CFLAGS="-m32 -O3 " CXXFLAGS=" -m32 -O3 " 
FFLAGS=" -m32 -O3 " FCFLAGS="-m32 -O3 " LDFLAGS="-m32" 
  "ac_cv_func_realloc_0_nonnull=yes" /bin/bash \
	/export/home/newman/ws/oi-userland/components/sysutils/virtualbox/build/i86/configure --with-gcc="/usr/gcc/6/bin/gcc" --with-g++="/usr/gcc/6/bin/g++" --disable-alsa --disable-dbus --disable-docs --disable-python --disable-sdl-ttf --disable-libvpx --nofatal --enable-webservice --enable-vnc --only-additions --target-arch=x86)
Checking for environment: Determined build machine: solaris.amd64, 
target machine: solaris.x86, OK.
Checking for kBuild: found, OK.
Checking for gcc: found version 6.5.0, OK.
Checking for pthread: found, OK.
Checking for libxml2: found version 2.9.7, OK.
Checking for libIDL: found version 0.8.14, OK.
Checking for ssl: found version OpenSSL 1.0.2s  28 May 2019, OK.
Checking for libcurl: found version 7.61.1, OK.
Checking for zlib: found version 1.2.11, OK.
Checking for libpng: found version 1.6.37, OK.
Checking for SDL: found version 1.2.15, OK.
Checking for X libraries: found, OK.
Checking for Xcursor: found, OK.
Checking for Xinerama: found, OK.
Checking for Xrandr: found, OK.
Checking for Xmu: found, OK.
Checking for Mesa / GLU: found (inactive), OK.
Checking for Qt5: found version 5.8.0, OK.
Checking for Qt5 devtools: found version moc 5.8.0, OK.
Checking for Java support: OK.

I have full output of the build, so I can search it but it's too big to 
be pasted anywhere.


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