[vbox-dev] (no subject)

Klaus Espenlaub klaus.espenlaub at oracle.com
Mon Jul 8 16:46:12 GMT 2019

Debugging a normal release build of VirtualBox (at least the interesting
parts, everything related to VM execution) is impossible. Hardening
prevents using debuggers.

If you want to really work with the code, you will need to prepare your
own build (including your own drivers, the hardened drivers in a release
build cannot be used with a non-hardened build). Compiling VirtualBox
yourself means that you have matching PDB files.

So there is likely no need to pass you the PDB files.

Let us know if you're doing something I didn't think of, because we do
have the PDB files and if it would really help we could pass them.


On 04.07.2019 03:43, nan chen wrote:
> hi, team:
>    I am studying virtualbox in windows platform. I want to debug it, but
> i don't have the pdb symbol files.
>    I have tried to build it. But it was feiled. It was very difficult.
>    So, can you give me the virtualbox  pdb symbol files? Or give me some
> tricks?
>    Please. 
>    Thank you

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