[vbox-dev] Vbox 6 & HyperV

Babbal babbal at pm.me
Wed Jan 16 05:01:04 GMT 2019

I am trying to get a basic linux iso vm to boot on vbox 6 using the hyper-v engine on windows host.
I tried archlinux-2018.12.01-x86_64.iso - it get stuck on the grub screen - I was not able to interact with it via the host keyboard.

Can you point me to a sample linux iso which works in your setup? Are there any constraints on the type of iso (uefi or bios) which can work in this setup?
  VBox version: 6.0.0 r127566 (Qt5.6.2)
  Windows 10 (x64) version: Version 1809 (OS Build 17763.195)
  archlinux-2018.12.01-x86_64.iso from http://mirror.digitalnova.at/archlinux/iso/2018.12.01/archlinux-2018.12.01-x86_64.iso

Thank you
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