[vbox-dev] Problem with savestate in 6.0.10

Larry Finger Larry.Finger at lwfinger.net
Wed Aug 21 16:02:19 UTC 2019

Is there a fix for the problem reported in ticket 18802 
(https://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/18802)? I have gotten a bug report on the 
openSUSE Bugzilla (https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1146308) 
reporting this problem with 6.0.10 and a Windows 7 guest. I have not been able 
to duplicate the problem.

I compared the .vbox files for the two systems. The only things that I see that 
might cause the problem are as follows (The - lines are from the one that fails.):

          <PAE enabled="false"/>
-        <LongMode enabled="true"/>
-        <HardwareVirtExLargePages enabled="true"/>
+        <LongMode enabled="false"/>
+        <HardwareVirtExLargePages enabled="false"/>


-      <StorageController name="IDE" type="PIIX4" PortCount="2" 
useHostIOCache="true" Bootable="true">
-        <AttachedDevice passthrough="false" type="DVD" hotpluggable="false" 
port="1" device="0">
-          <Image uuid="{a8f03b82-28a7-4748-856c-873fa3c0866f}"/>
+      <StorageController name="SATA" type="AHCI" PortCount="2" 
useHostIOCache="false" Bootable="true" IDE0MasterEmulationPort="0" 
IDE0SlaveEmulationPort="1" IDE1MasterEmulationPort="2" IDE1SlaveEmulationPort="3">
+        <AttachedDevice nonrotational="true" type="HardDisk" 
hotpluggable="false" port="0" device="0">
+          <Image uuid="{924ac17c-9bc7-4e88-ad57-60dc81a42e90}"/>
-      </StorageController>
-      <StorageController name="SCSI" type="LsiLogic" PortCount="16" 
useHostIOCache="false" Bootable="true">
-        <AttachedDevice type="HardDisk" hotpluggable="false" port="0" device="0">
-          <Image uuid="{662215da-93df-4092-aae5-d8a86ed9bcaf}"/>
+        <AttachedDevice passthrough="false" type="DVD" hotpluggable="false" 
port="1" device="0">
+          <Image uuid="{6607ded7-e5a1-423e-833a-995baf38e84f}"/>

In case I missed something important, I have attached the complete diffs for the 
two .vbox files.


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