[vbox-dev] Host-Only networking, developer logs (LogRel?)

Vaatamoinen, Lassi lassi.vaatamoinen at kalmarglobal.com
Tue Aug 20 14:22:14 UTC 2019

I've had issues in Host-only networking, while connected to a specific
network cable at our company. There is an (already) lengthy discussion
in the VBox forums here:

In a nutshell: The Host-Only networking works in our Corporate
network, or when disconnected. But *not* working when using "RD"
network, which is a private

For host-only, also tried following IP blocks: / 24 / 26

Always ends up the same: access does *not* work Guest -> Host. BUT:
Host -> Guest is OK

So far nothing obvious has been revealed with the several tried
network configurations or related routing tables etc. Or, VBox PCAP
captures. (Nor from captures taken with Wireshark).

I was thinking of getting some release logs from the Host-Only
networking code of VirtualBox, as I was looking at the code, and saw
something could be enabled, like LogRel():
(Not sure if this is a correct file for Host-Only, but as an example.)

But there seems to be no simple/good examples how to activate those,
nor where the logs are written. I just came across some exports here:

VBox setup:
Host: Windows 10
Guest: Ubuntu 18.04


Lassi Väätämöinen
Senior Software Engineer, Kalmar

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