[vbox-dev] AC97 sound mapper defunct in 5.x , 6.x VirtualBox (edited)

das |_ Team das.L-Team at ghn-sensorik.de
Tue Aug 13 08:51:55 UTC 2019

- Hi VirtualBox developers,

    thank you for providing the VirtualBox virtualization product free  
of charge to the community.

    It enabled us to put together a turn-key ReactOS-based VM with the  
sound subsystem actually working based on the VirtualBox ICH AC97  
sound device.

Sound output works just fine for VirtualBox releases 4.2.10 through 5.2.18.

    However, after switching to VirtualBox 6.0, (and 5.x versions  
higher 5.2.18)  - now things sound MUCH different: ** Because there is  
NO SOUND anymore...


Has somebody got a solution for bringing back AC97 sound mapping to  
our ReactOS-based implementaion, FOSS effort? [1],[2]

Any hints will be greatly aprecciated.

Kind regards

das |_ Team


Turn-key Virtual Machine Image for VirtualBox:

[1] http://visit.ghn-sensorik.de/L-Team/ROS-L/ROSL-EN74451r-NAT.ova  
(English version)

[2] http://visit.ghn-sensorik.de/L-Team/ROS-L/ROSL-DE74451r-NAT.ova  
(German version)

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