[vbox-dev] Fixes for Kernel 5.3 wanted

Valdis Kl=?utf-8?Q?=c4=93?=tnieks valdis.kletnieks at vt.edu
Mon Aug 5 16:30:04 UTC 2019

On Mon, 05 Aug 2019 10:50:47 -0500, Larry Finger said:

> > /tmp/vbox.0/linux/VBoxNetFlt-linux.c:928:66: error: ‘skb_frag_t’ {aka ‘struct 
> > bio_vec’} has no member named ‘page_offset’; did you mean ‘bv_offset’?

> I do not see these errors when building the kernel modules with kernel 
> 5.3.0-rc3. The patch I posted is sufficient for me. Note I am using an 
> unmodified kernel from mainline. A kernel obtained from a disto might have other 
> modifications.

This isn't a 5.3.0-rc3 issue.

The kernel patches causing the issue are a set of 7 a in the linux-next tree
and targeting the 5.4 kernel .  As such, Cyrax's patch is incorrect, for production
it should be comparing >= 5.4.0.   It will however DTRT on a linux-next kernel
that calls itself 5.3.something, but will *not* work on a mainline Linus tree.

(Hey Cyrax, thanks for the patch anyhow, from another linux-next user :)

The patch series is here:


commit d5c3a62d0bb9b763e9378fe8f4cd79502e16cce8
Merge: 7e24b4ed5ac4 8842d285bafa
Author: David S. Miller <davem at davemloft.net>
Date:   Mon Jul 22 20:47:56 2019 -0700

    Merge branch 'Convert-skb_frag_t-to-bio_vec'
    Matthew Wilcox says:
    Convert skb_frag_t to bio_vec
    The skb_frag_t and bio_vec are fundamentally the same (page, offset,
    length) tuple.  This patch series unifies the two, leaving the
    skb_frag_t typedef in place.  This has the immediate advantage that
    we already have iov_iter support for bvecs and don't need to add
    support for iterating skbuffs.  It enables a long-term plan to use
    bvecs more broadly within the kernel and should make network-storage
    drivers able to do less work converting between skbuffs and biovecs.
    It will consume more memory on 32-bit kernels.  If that proves
    problematic, we can look at ways of addressing it.
    v3: Rebase on latest Linus with net-next merged.
      - Reorder the uncontroversial 'Use skb accessors' patches first so you
        can apply just those two if you want to hold off on the full
      - Convert all the users of 'struct skb_frag_struct' to skb_frag_t.
    Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem at davemloft.net>

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