[vbox-dev] getting object name in VirtualBox gui

Mihai Hanor quake2iasi at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 17:26:43 UTC 2018


I'm not a developer, but I have some experience with VirtualBox. The reason
why not even Microsoft's narrator is able to work with VirtualBox is the
hardening of the VirtualBox process, which is enforced to protect the VM
from eavesdropping (I think). You can look at the VirtualBox SDK, but
you'll probably not find what you're looking for. Also, integrating the
NVDA client controller is probably not going to happen and it doesn't look
useful, because it requires VirtualBox to send stuff to NVDA (by looking at
the C example), which would require considerable effort to rewrite the GUI.
The most achievable task might be to build VirtualBox OSE for Windows,
without hardening. A much harder task would be to separate the the
frontend/GUI part from the VM process and make the frontend run in a normal
process. In the upcoming major release of VirtualBox, it looks like the
devs have made a move to separate the VM process, but I'm don't know to
what end. The frontend still runs in a hardened process.

Mihai Hanor

On Fri, Sep 21, 2018 at 12:30 PM Илья Пащук <ilusha.paschuk at gmail.com>

> helo.
> I'm a nvda (nvaccess.org) screenreader addon developer
> I need the way to get some object text in vbox gui, that unaccessable by
> standard methods.
> are there any api interface to get this info from vbox gui?
> i'm using python.
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