[vbox-dev] Java pointer support fix

Szatmári Norbert Péter szatmari.norbert.peter at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 23:33:30 UTC 2018

I have done some testing regarding passing pointers to Java and I found
that the T_VOID type in finalizeParams already handles pointers correctly,
the issue actually lies only in the wrapper generator. The Java wrapper
class(es) have byte[] for out octetPtr types, while the code in
nsJavaWrapper.cpp tries to set the pointer address in a long array.
I had trouble editing the wrapper generator so I can't supply a patch
unfortunately, I tried changing xpidl_java.c but I didn't notice any
changes. However, changing the type to long[] in the generated wrapper
class and letting kmk compile the jar again did solve this problem for me.

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