[vbox-dev] Regression! AccessAbility problems in new virtualbox gui (6.0 beta 1)

Илья Пащук ilusha.paschuk at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 14:55:10 UTC 2018


i'm know that I should not write this message to this list, but I'm 
doing it because I think that information I writing is very importent.

in 5x vbox versions, where the global and machine tools switchers was on 
the tool bar, i was able to switch bitwin them and activate tools by 
using keyboard mouse control fitures and screenreader's mouse tracking 

in new version I also able to use the global tools by using the tools 
list item.
but I can not activate the machine's tools (for agsample snapshots),. 
I'm iven don't know what to do that.
the many things that are simple for other people are very difficult for 
blind users.
I read that this instruments can be called by using the special element 
buttons. possible, this buttons is very simple way for standard users, 
but I can not activate it. ScreenReader simply can not locate it.
Please, add the ability to open this tools from machine's context menu.
also, in beta version, screenreader is not able to correctly process 
items in machines list and can not read it's names correctly.

Also, there are old accessability problem, that appears in 5x versions, 
but I describing it hear because i vont to make your developers to pay 
some atention to it.
when I using nvda screenreader and locating any listbox, nvda can hann 
for some time. then it continuing working, but is not able to work with 
listbox. this problems are present in all VBox windows.

I hope that this problems is not difficult to fix.

You don't repairing existing accessibility problems. But pleas don't 
create new.

The VirtualBox is a great solution and it will be very good if blind 
people will be able to use it.

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