[vbox-dev] Problem with python API

renn0xtek9 at laposte.net renn0xtek9 at laposte.net
Sun Oct 7 09:06:38 UTC 2018

Dear all, I am trying to use the virtualbox module of python (import virtualbox) with python 2 
Using a linux host to a windwos guest works well (programm are fired as they should) 

However, using an ubunut-based host to that same ubuntu-based guest, the programm don't start in the guest and the terminal session in the host is totally stucked 
This is the code, I can see the "Will launch" but not the "launched" 
See alsoe https://github.com/renn0xtek9/VMRequests/blob/master/ExecuteRequests.py line 148 

time.sleep(2.0) #wait 2.0 seconds to avoid race donditions 
print("Will launch") 
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