[vbox-dev] HGSMI/HGCM guest/host communication

Rihards Sprukulis sprihards at gmail.com
Tue May 8 23:36:20 UTC 2018

I have a few questions regarding guest/host communication.
As far as I understand, HGSMI is somewhat tied to VGA (or PCI?) device. Is
that correct?
I'm looking for a way to send buffers from/to host/guest, preferably with
least overhead and complexity involved.

Both guest/host systems are Windows7.
running build 5.1.28 r117968

Also, please correct me if i'm wrong:
crHGSMI is used for chromium server/pack send/receive transport,
UHGSMI (in wddm mp) mostly for the mp driver to communicate with the video
adapter device.

And one more question - I have created something similar to DragAndDrop
service (empty class, exports VBoxHGCMSvcLoad with z123::svcLoad(pTable);
as return.
Lets assume that this class name is abc123.

I load the service in ConsoleImpl2.cpp and then register a callback with
instance to a class guest-side class, where I assume the responses from the
service are processed. That's all I'm supposed to do to setup the service?
(I tried reading sdkref, but still can't figure my way around this,
especially how does app call the hgcm).

Any help would be apreciated, thank you in advance.
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