[vbox-dev] (09.01.18) Requesting revision update to the Development snapshots

Levvie S rsajeey at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 9 18:20:56 GMT 2018

Hello, to whoever is reading this message.

Is it possible for you to update the Development snapshots to their latest revisions?

I mainly want the Windows, Guest Additions & Extension Pack to be updated their latest revision.

Oh I am sorry if I'm requesting you to update it every time because, I have my own program downloader script which downloads beta & canary versions of the 26 programs (Discord Canary, Chrome Canary and more) I am currently using and then I install it on my daily driver PC / day-to-day PCs and start using these programs extensively to try and see if it crashes, then I send the crash report to the respected companies (only if there's a prompt to send the crash report automatically or I would report the crash via forum or bug tracker).

Also, I use beta & canary programs to test bleeding edge features earlier than anyone else.

ItzLevvie (https://github.com/ItzLevvie)
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