[vbox-dev] Help for french translation

Laurent LYAUDET llyaudet at teliae.fr
Wed Dec 12 10:46:39 UTC 2018


I would like to help for french translation. 
I have read 
that pointed to 
where I have seen that I should contact Benjamin Masse who is the current maintainer for french translation. 
Unfortunately, I don't see any email address to contact him. 

I just found a typo that is occurring in several places in the Microsoft Installer for Virtual Box. 
The noun "assistant" is spelled "assistent" in several places, whilst "assistent" is the 3rd plural form of the verb "assister". 

Thanks, best regards, 
Laurent Lyaudet 

Laurent LYAUDET 

04 78 48 84 82 
[ http://www.teliae.fr/ ] 
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