[vbox-dev] PATCH: Implement support for multiple custom ACPI tables

Canardos . canardoscode at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 19:14:52 GMT 2018

Hi Devs,

This patch expands on work done several years ago, extending support for
custom ACPI tables from a single table to four tables, and potentially N
tables in future.

The changes assist malware researchers to better emulate a physical machine
(although increasing the aggregate allowable table size will assist
further) as well as those with valid OEM licenses having issues property
passing through both SLIC and license tables.

I limited the implementation to four custom tables given current VBox
limitations on the aggregate size of ACPI tables, but the code changes
support N tables.

The new configuration keys are "CustomTable0..3". Legacy behavior has been
maintained, with any existing config entries for "CustomTable", or
"SLICTable" being used in the absence of a "CustomTable0" entry.

The changes have been tested on Debian 9.5 (kernel 4.9.0-7/amd64) and
Manjaro (kernel 4.14.65-1/amd64) hosts with 32 and 64-bit Linux guests.

I've endeavored to reflect the code style of the file I was working in,
please let me know if anything is amiss.

All attached code is released under the MIT License.
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