[vbox-dev] accessability sugestion to vbox

Илья Пащук ilusha.paschuk at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 15:00:28 GMT 2018


the virtual box application at this time is not fully accessable to 
blind impared users and can not be normaly used by them. but in old 
versions, it was accessable.
virtualbox contains many accessability problems, but more then critical 
problem is inaccessability of machine menu that appearing when host+home 
key combination pressed.
Also, the NVDA (http://nvaccess.org) - popular windows screenreader have 
this problems.

I has sucgestion to vbox developers:
the nvda has a special library called nvda controller client.
this library allows any application to interact with nvda by sending 
text to speak to this screenreader.
details on https://github.com/nvaccess/nvda
section "key project links", nvda controller client link.
I do not asking any big changes.
I'm also starting developer and i know that any gui element has focused 
If implement this dll library to VirtualBox code and will send to it 
name of every machine menu item, possible without any localisations and 
status information, nvda users will be able to use this importent gui item.
I think that this will be very easy to implement, but If this will be 
implemented, many blind users will be able to use this importent gui item.

I is new on this forum. If I wrote to inapropriat place, please refer me 
to apropriat forum.

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