[vbox-dev] Network card using bridge mode not working on Windows 10 version 1709 + virtualbox 5.2.0

Otacílio otacilio.neto at bsd.com.br
Wed Oct 25 13:10:52 UTC 2017


Yesterday, I did a upgrade my virtualbox host version to 5.2.0, on 
windows 10 version 1709. After upgrade, my two guest machines (FreeBSD 
11.1 AMD64 and FreeBSD 10.4 i386) can't get IP by DHCP when network card 
is configured to "Bridge mode". I did a upgrade of my other host machine 
running Ubuntu 16.04 to virtualbox 5.2.0 and in this machine the "bridge 
mode" works fine. I did a downgrade to virtualbox 5.1.30 on my windows 
host machine and then, the guest using "bridge mode" can get IP by DHCP 
again. When using NAT network works on Windows 10 host on any situation.

Anyone more is getting troubles like this?



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