[vbox-dev] Restore snapshot through pyhon "AttributeError: Failed to find attribute restoreSnapshot in win 8.1"

kaloon jone kaloon5555 at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 18 09:41:39 UTC 2017

Hello There,

I have VM called Win 11 and I create snapshot called "Snapshot1". Then I create python file to restore the VM through python script. I got error I can'y understand what is it. I search on internet  since three day I don't found  solution . I tried many example But I got the same error. The error is


AttributeError: Failed to find attribute restoreSnapshot in win 8.1

My python script is : \

import virtualbox
import time
from virtualbox.library import LockType
vbox = virtualbox.VirtualBox()
session = virtualbox.Session()
vm = vbox.find_machine('win 8.1')
vm.lock_machine(session, LockType.shared)
console = session.console;
machine = session.machine

snapShot = vm.find_snapshot("snapshot 1");

snapShotProgress = machine.restore_snapshot(snapShot);


Can Any help me and explain to me which is the problem. I snapshot is created and the Vm is run correctly. but I cannot restore the snapshot through python.

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