[vbox-dev] Linux guest screen resizing with 'vboxvideo' kernel module and 'vboxvideo' xorg driver

Mikhail Kovalev mikhail.kovalev at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 17:30:48 UTC 2017


after I install guest additions on my Ubuntu test VM (Ubuntu 15.04, Xorg
1.17.1), vbovideo kernel driver gets loaded and when the screen is resized
I get "udev" monitor-hotplug events in the VM.
Resizing works as expected.

On my Debian 8.9 test VM (Xorg 1.16.1), vboxvideo kernel driver is
blacklisted and doesn't get loaded on boot. Vboxvideo xorg driver is being
used instead. In that case I don't get "udev" events (and no DRM video card
is present under /dev/dri).
However, resizing still works for a Gnome destkop environment. But it
doesn't work for an openbox shell. What I am trying to figure out:

1) Why is "vboxvideo" driver blacklisted and not loaded on a Debian 8.9
with xorg 1.16.1?
2) What mechanism is being used for resizing the linux guest in case if
"vboxvideo" Xorg driver is being used? Why does it work for Gnome but
doesn't work for openbox?

Any hint on those questions is highly appreciated.

Best regards,
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