[vbox-dev] audio issues

Kalogrianitis Socratis socratisk at gmail.com
Fri May 26 16:40:46 UTC 2017


Yes! We have sound input/output available. In "theory".

In practice, no way this is working audio, or audio at all. At the beginning I thought that my sound card was having a heart attack trying to play a simple beep. Then, if the guest hasn't freeze, as soon as you go to the Sound panel, you have:

- 10.5, .7, .8, .9, .11 and .12: the simple beep sounds like an electroshock is applied to the motherboard, for 3-4 sec. It freezes so hard that it won't even accept any input from the host, like closing the window from the widget or Cmd-Q. Got to kill the guestOS process. It's like the whole VirtualBox process freezes.

- 10.6 simply kernel panics. At least that's consistent...

Unscientific evidence: I believe it's because it takes a long time to process the audio. When changing the volume slider in the menu bar, an audible system beep is supposed to come out, reflecting the volume level. That usually takes about 250 msec (maybe?). In the guests that freeze, the few times an attempt to play the beep was made, it took about 7-8 sec to complete the ... whatever that thing was. It was like a whitewalker dying...

I think I prefer the no-audio-detected compared to this :D

I'll keep my eyes open (as always) for potential future test builds, if and when they're ready. Thanks,


On 26/Μαϊ/2017, at 17:31, Andreas Löffler <andreas.loeffler at oracle.com> wrote:

> just wanted to let you know that a new test build 115786 is online which should fix the issue.
>>> but none of my OSX guests (all with HDA) are showing an input or output sound device. Except 10.6, which kernel panics as soon as you "touch" any audio related settings (the guest crashes).

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