[vbox-dev] Updated instructions for building VirtualBox on OSX

Kalogrianitis Socratis socratisk at gmail.com
Fri May 26 09:10:17 UTC 2017

The instructions for building VirtualBox on OSX are quite outdated. There have been significant changes since the 5.x.x series, mainly that if you are building VirtualBox on anything greater than 10.9 (the min OSX supported by VirtualBox), Xcode 6.2 is required, and not Xcode 4.1 as stated in the instructions. Signs of this can be found all over the "src/Config.kmk" if you search for "NEW_XCODE".

To quote a developer from a related thread:

> The point is that if it works, the official wiki needs to be updated. Having multiple incomplete recipes hanging around the Internet ultimately isn't helping anyone.
> Basically what would help is detailed suggestions what to change in the wiki page on virtualbox.org. Anything else makes the problem worse. Sure, it's normal that folks figure it out for themselves and leave it at that, because helping others is too much work. So actually posting anything is a good start.
> What's needed is a couple of volunteers who need to try it out. Oracle developers use a different process and do not have "clean" machines to try it out and verify the instructions.

I've tested and verified a new set of updated, unified instructions in clean environments (VMs of course) for OSX 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 and 10.12 (support for 10.12 is one of the changes required). Multiple times. Yes, it was a time consuming process, because every little change had to be re-verified for 4 setups, from scratch.

The updated instructions call for some small changes in "src/configure" and "src/tools/kBuildTools/VBoxXcode62.kmk". I have already two versions of the instructions, a small one (just the basic steps 1, 2, 3...), and a longer one with detailed explanations and tips.

How do we coordinate it so that the changes can be implemented? I was thinking of:
Working with one of the developers, either in the mailing list or via PMs? Or should I just post the instructions in a thread in the forums (see next step below) and continue the discussion there? I'm thinking about the last option (the thread in the forums), so anyone can pitch in, be it on OSX user or not.
>>>> Posting an article in the "VirtualBox OSE" section of the forums with the summary of the instructions, and the long version explaining the steps, some caveats and the logic behind them. That would be the "discussion" thread and any problems/fixes that arise should be discussed there.
Posting a clean article (based on the previous one) in the "Howtos and Tutorials » Building VirtualBox" section with the summary and/or pointing to the official directions. You never know when someone might wander off and find that useful.
And finally, and most importantly, updating the official instructions in the Wiki, including a link to the discussion for any potential problems that might arise.
Oh, and I almost forgot: include the patches for "src/configure" and "src/tools/kBuildTools/VBoxXcode62.kmk".
What do you think?

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