[vbox-dev] Unable to start VBox

John Frankish john.frankish at outlook.com
Tue May 9 06:11:44 UTC 2017

> > After compiling VirtualBox-5.1.22 for linux, I am unable to start it.
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> > I'd be grateful for any suggestions on how to fix this.
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> are you able to start VirtualBox as root? I assume you will experience the
> same problem as when running as regular user. In that case please run
> strace again and provide the (compressed) log file of strace.
No, I'm not able to start virtual box with sudo, but I noticed that I only got the i965/swrast message when I started with sudo.

Note that /usr/local/lib/virtualbox/VirtualBox is suid root.

Since "Virtualbox" and "sudo VirtualBox" produces different output I attached both strace logs.

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