[vbox-dev] VirtualBox on Win 10 with Hyper-V/CredentialsGuard enabled

Mikhail Kovalev mikhail.kovalev at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 07:21:35 UTC 2017


my VBox logs are almost empty (I guess due to them being not fully written
on BSOD). Here are a couple of bug tickets describing the same issue (with
logs and dumps):


and a discussion thread on the forum:

The only "workaround" suggested in all these threads is to disable Hyper-V.
No hint on whether the problem will be solved in upcoming releases or not.


On Wed, Mar 22, 2017 at 4:06 AM Kalogrianitis Socratis <socratisk at gmail.com>

> On 22/Μαρ/2017, at 04:50, Ramshankar <ramshankar.venkataraman at oracle.com>
> wrote:
> > If VirtualBox causes a BSOD regardless of whether VT-x has been grabbed
> by Hyper-V or any other program, it should be considered a bug.
> I'm not sure if you're aware of it or not, but the forums are full of
> reports of this exact thing happening in Windows 10, especially after an
> update which turns on Hyper-V. The currently going advice is to disable
> Hyper-V, which of course stops the BSOD.
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