[vbox-dev] Signing VirtualBox drivers for Windows 10

Mikhail Kovalev mikhail.kovalev at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 18:03:20 UTC 2017


we are trying to make a VirtualBox build for Windows 10 anniversary update.
We did sign all the drivers (all .sys files) at the Microsoft Dev portal
and the installation goes through without a problem.
However, when trying to start a VM, we always get an error "Failed to load
VMMR0.r0" with error code "VERR_LDR_IMAGE_HASH". The "vmmr0.r0" file is
signed with our SHA2 cert (as well as all the other installation files are,
except for the drivers which are dual-signed by our cert and by the
Microsoft cert from Dev portal). In the Windows audit log I see the message
that the code integrity check for "vmmr0.r0" failed. If my understanding of
the code is correct, the file is being loaded via "ZwSetSystemInformation".
So, does it have to be signed by the Dev portal as well? But it looks like
the Dev portal will only sign the ".sys" files. Could anyone give a hint on
a possible solution here? Unfortunately we don't have a signing cert that
was issued before July 29, 2015, so we cannot use the same "workaround"
with the old cert as the Oracle is using now for the VirtualBox releases.

Thnx for any help,
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