[vbox-dev] How to build a multi-platform extension pack?

Volkert volkertb at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Mar 19 11:46:51 UTC 2017


After quite a bit of fruitless Googling for an answer first, I initially
posted this in the VirtualBox forums, where I was referred to this mailing

My question is the following:

What is the correct way to assemble a single "fat" (as in multi-platform)
extension pack, just like Oracle managed to do with its closed-source
extension pack?

If I build one of the example extension packs bundled with the VirtualBox
OSE source code, such as the bus mouse extension pack or the VNC extension
pack, the result is indeed a .vbox-extpack file, but one that has been
built for one target platform only and that can therefore only be installed
on a VirtualBox version on the same platform. In other words, a
.vbox-extpack file built in Linux cannot be installed in a VirtualBox
installation on Windows. Of course I understand that I would have to
compile my extension pack(s) on each platform separately, but so far, I
haven't been able to find any standard script that would bundle
platform-specific .vbox-extpack files into a single "fat" multi-platform
.vbox-extpack file for convenient distribution, like Oracle's PUEL-licensed
extension pack.

Perhaps such a script already exists in the code base in plain sight and I
just missed it, but regardless, I hope someone can help me out with this.

Also, if there are any additional concerns to be aware of when building
such multi-platform extension packs, such as the signing of binary files
and archives with certificates and such, I would be happy to learn about
those as well.

Thank you kindly in advance!

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