[vbox-dev] issues with blackPanter OS as guest OS in VirtualBox and suggested solution

Gábor Tóth-Czeper tcgabor at blackpantheros.eu
Mon Mar 6 12:50:21 UTC 2017

Hello Klaus,

thanks for your kind email which finally addresses the issue in a material
way. :)

I'll have to check with the developer first and get back to you when I've
got all the necessary information to be able to provide you with a
substantive reply.


Best regards,


2017. márc. 6. du. 1:39 ezt írta ("Klaus Espenlaub" <
klaus.espenlaub at oracle.com>):

> Hi Gábor,
> could you describe what settings need changing for blackPanther OS? That's
> the first thing which needs to be sorted out clearly.
> That it doesn't work out of the box should be fixable without getting into
> the topic of teaching VirtualBox about the existence of a new distribution.
> To give an answer on the general topic of adding new guest OSes:
> unfortunately the approach which the VirtualBox API offers today isn't as
> scalable as we'd like to have it and thus we add only the truly unavoidable
> ones.
> We plan to address this in a future release, by adding some way of
> providing user-defined VM templates (with a reasonable way to share them,
> including icons), but short term it isn't high priority enough to get dev
> time.
> If someone really wants to help out with the long-term solution (wouldn't
> be a 5 minute project, but also not an absolutely giant one either and can
> be spread out over months - good knowledge of C++ and some XML is needed),
> feel free to get in touch with me.
> Regards,
> Klaus
> On 05.03.2017 19:49, Gábor Tóth-Czeper wrote:
>> Hi Stephane,
>> Thanks for reminding me to respond to the mailing list email address,
>> not only you.
>> I'm sorry, I don't understand your reasoning.
>> I did not write a word about getting an icon for blackPanther OS in VB.
>> Regards,
>> Gabor
>> 2017. márc. 5. du. 7:45 ezt írta ("Stéphane Charette"
>> <stephanecharette at gmail.com <mailto:stephanecharette at gmail.com>>):
>>     On Sun, Mar 5, 2017 at 10:26 AM, Gábor Tóth-Czeper
>>     <tcgabor at blackpantheros.eu <mailto:tcgabor at blackpantheros.eu>> wrote:
>>         Hi Stephane,
>>         Glad you looked it up. BlackPanther OS is 'the' Hungarian Linux
>>         distribution, the other two being virtually non-existent
>>          (Sulix, a state-donated OS that was developed as part of an
>>         educational project, similarly to UHU Linux).
>>         BlackPanther OS takes pride in being in existence for 15 years
>>         without capital injections and state support. We would like to
>>         get officially listed in virtualbox as a guest os and to that
>>         end would like to offer our support by uploading the patch I
>>         wrote about in my email.
>>         I would like to ask for your kind assistance in facilitating
>>         this motion and please get back to me with some substantive and
>>         material information regarding the matter, if possible.
>>         Thank you.
>>         Best regards,
>>         Gabor
>>     /(Please reply to the mail list, not only to me privately.)/
>>     I'm not a VB developer, nor do I work for Oracle.
>>     I thought the guest os selection is used to decide what logo to show
>>     in the VB window, and determine some of the defaults such as memory
>>     size and disk size to use when creating a new VM.  It doesn't impact
>>     how a VM runs.
>>     So if you choose something like "Ubuntu" or other decent linux
>>     distro, and your BlackPanther linux guest is experiencing errors,
>>     then adding an icon for it in VB wont solve the errors.
>>     Stéphane
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