[vbox-dev] VBOX: Drag and Drop missing original file's time stamp

Gábor Tóth-Czeper tcgabor at blackpantheros.eu
Mon Mar 6 10:56:15 UTC 2017

Hi Kiriakos,

Yes, Eboni is a developer, all right, but she's more like an engineer, a
social engineer of pleasure and most probably a fake account (the pics are
nice though :)). Don't click on the link provided by her, neither send her
anything privately.


2017. márc. 6. de. 11:21 ezt írta ( <info at adontec.com>):

Hello Eboni and thank you for your reply.

Should i email the files as zip to your email?
What is your role in the team? Are you a developer?

Kiriakos Georgiadis

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