[vbox-dev] New kernel error message when running 4.13 as guest

Michal Necasek michal.necasek at oracle.com
Wed Jul 26 15:18:28 UTC 2017

   Hi Hans,

 The message is harmless. It's triggered because VirtualBox currently does not expose the host CPU microcode revision to guest operating systems. I don't think we want to do that without fully understanding what sorts of assumptions operating systems might make when they see the actual revision.

 At any rate, VirtualBox currently doesn't support TSC deadline timers so the message is simply noise.


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Subject: [vbox-dev] New kernel error message when running 4.13 as guest

Hi all,

I just upgraded a vbox guest to 4.13, the good news is
everything works fine, but one thing which I noticed, which
would be nice to fix is this new error message:

[    0.000000] [Firmware Bug]: TSC_DEADLINE disabled due to Errata; please update microcode to version: 0xb2 (or later)

This is on a Skylake host with no special settings done
to the guest (I selected the Fedora 64 bit template
when installing).


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