[vbox-dev] fw:Re: 3d acceleration of android-x86 for virtualbox

Chih-Wei Huang cwhuang at android-x86.org
Mon Jul 24 06:48:00 UTC 2017

2017-07-23 18:14 GMT+08:00 Michael Thayer <michael.thayer at oracle.com>:
> Hello All,
> 19.07.2017 13:35, Chih-Wei Huang wrote:
> [...]
>> Thank you for the detailed reply.
>> Let me sum it up to see if I understand
>> your words correctly:
>> * Modify Mesa to recognize vboxvideo
>> * Modify vboxvideo to send virgl rendering protocol to the host
>> * Hook virglrenderer to vbox host code
>> I have concern about the third step.
>> As I know currently virglrenderer only supports Linux.
>> (though I saw some Windows's patches are ongoing)
>> That would limit our supported hosts.
>> Besides, I think currently virglrenderer is still not stable
>> or complete enough. As I tested on QEMU with virgl,
>> many 3D benchmark apps don't work.
>> (just crash or black screen)
>> The only famous benchmark app that works on it
>> is GLXBench.
> Out of interest, how did the same tests fare with our 3D code in a Linux
> guest?

Sorry I didn't have time to do that yet.

>> I'm still thinking if it's possible to use your current 3D code
>> directly. Could you give us more ideas how it work
>> for Linux or Windows guests? Or point us which
>> code to read. Thanks a lot!
> [...]
> I will not be able to give you a detailed introduction to the code (for
> time reasons, and because there are only a few areas that I know
> particularly well).  That said, could you please tell me how far you got
> with my previous pointers, what caused you difficulty in the information
> I have given you so far, what you have looked at up to now and where you
> are currently stuck?

I didn't involve directly to the development yet (maybe later).
I just try to give ideas or directions to Dong Hao and
his colleagues so they can try.

Currently we are still discussing the possible directions.
You suggested we go the virgl way.
However, as I've explained we have concerns:

* it only supports Linux host
* it's not stable or complete enough

So we prefer the alternative way, i.e.,
using your current 3D code directly.
Dong Hao's team is trying to understand how
the Ubuntu addition works and port it
to android-x86.
They may give more details about the problems
or issues they encountered later.

Android-x86 project

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