[vbox-dev] fw:Re: 3d acceleration of android-x86 for virtualbox

tim3385 tim3385 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 23 16:08:22 UTC 2017

Thanks for your reply.
I heard of virgil is not enough mature. So I think "passthough into host 3d api" is a easy way for now.  And "gles pipes" @Luo meantioned is the same meaning?

The 3D feature for other linux distribution just like Ubuntu is our good reference. But it is not easy to run hardware 3D in Ubuntu successfully. I don't why. If it works well, we will start to analyze the difference between the addtion of Ubuntu and Android-x86 as entry point. If you know some detail to tell us, it is will much helpful, thanks.

btw. Cross wall from China mainland is not stable in these days. We can't access andorid-x86/google/android.com and etc~~. And we are busy for some other affair. We will take more time from the end of this month.

Dong Hao
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