[vbox-dev] Remove of VT-x dependency for 64bit guests an option?

Clemens A. Schulz c.schulz at sirrix.com
Tue Jan 24 07:35:15 UTC 2017


I just asked myself for what exactly VT-x is a hard dependency in
VirtualBox to run 64bit guests. This dependency does not exist for 32bit
guests - plus with latest Windows 10 Updates there no way to obtain VT-x
access without deactivating HyperV functionality on OS-Level.

For some reason VMWare Workstation supports from 12.5 on the Anniversary
Update from Windows 10. As they won't be able to access VT-X anyway,
since HyperV uses exclusive access to it all the time I more think that
they simply removed all dependencies to the VT-x functionality.

Is that an option for VirtualBox? Wouldn't the remove of VT-x feature
for VirtualBox also mean to slow down everything pretty much? Does
anyone ever tested if the performance of VMWare Workstation 12.5 is way
slower on Anniversary Update Windows 10 instead of an older Windows 10

Thanks a lot!

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