[vbox-dev] How can I get IDisplay before vm started?

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since hardening was introduced in 4.x you can't host the VM in a 3rd-party
process so LaunchVMProcess is your only option. However this applies only
to Windows. As a less feasible alternative you can use old build without
hardening or compile VirtualBox yourself from sources with the hardening

2017-01-05 17:30 GMT+02:00 lijing1 at quakegame.cn <lijing1 at quakegame.cn>:

> Hi
> I am using COM interface to build a custom front end, when I look
> into VirtualBox-5.1.12\src\VBox\Frontends\VBoxFB.cpp ,  I found it use
> IVirtualBox opensession and get GetConsole & GetDisplay  before PowerUp the
> vm, but in my code, I have to LaunchVMProcess then get_Console &
> get_Display , otherwise it return null pointer. How can I get IDisplay and
> set my own framebuffer like VBoxFB code do?Please give me some advice or
> demo code.Thanks a lot!
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