[vbox-dev] VirtualBox .desktop file on ubuntu unity

dbmnn at gmx.net dbmnn at gmx.net
Sun Feb 26 12:51:21 GMT 2017


be aware, this is my very first contribution.

I want to declare this and all following contributions to this mailing
list unter MIT license.

My patch will make usage of VirtualBox more comfortable on Unity.
Following problem without:

If you start VirtualBox Manager, then start a VirtualBox machine, and
close the Manager, you have to open Manager via the top menu bar, if you
want to start another box, for example.
By clicking the launcher icon, it will only switch to the running machine.

So for unity, you can declare "Actions", which are for chrome like "Open
new tab" or "Open new window".

For unity, I created a patch which will add english and german "Open
Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager".

Please feel free to ask.

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> Actions=Manager;
> [Desktop Action Manager]
> Name=Open Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager
> Name[de]=Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager öffnen 
> Exec=VirtualBox

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