[vbox-dev] Have any non-Linux developers looked at the vboxvideo drm/kms driver?

Jan Petrouš jan.petrous at tieto.com
Wed Feb 8 12:00:51 GMT 2017

Hi Michael,

sorry for hijacking the thread, but can I ask if there will be (or even
better - is already)
support for MORE framebuffers?
I still see it as nice feature for more broader audience then me only :)

For example as tooling solution for development multihead devices.


On 8 February 2017 at 12:00, Michael Thayer <michael.thayer at oracle.com>

> Hello All,
> I am mainly asking this out of curiosity and interest.  On Linux as of
> X.Org 1.19 we no longer maintain the user-space vboxvideo driver (it does
> not play well with non-root X.Org or with Wayland) and instead wrote a
> drm/kms driver which works with the X.Org modesetting driver and GNOME
> Shell.  I was wondering whether any non-Linux developers have had a look at
> the source yet, since I know that a number of other systems have ported drm
> drivers from Linux.  The source code in our tree for the Linux drm/kms
> driver for vboxvideo is located at
> src/VBox/Additions/linux/drm/
> See the make files and the file files_vboxvideo_drv for details of all the
> files involved (I am still trying to simplify it).  It builds unchanged
> against Linux 3.11 to Linux 4.10 inclusive, which I hope would simplify
> porting, and I would be happy to make any changes to our in-tree sources
> which are not problematic for Linux and are helpful for other systems (even
> if you carry your own sources it would probably be helpful if what we
> provide is as close to yours as possible).
> Regards
> Michael
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