[vbox-dev] [PATCH] HostServices/SharedClipboard/x11-stub.cpp: use RT_NOREF rather than NOREF

Florian Klink flokli at flokli.de
Wed Dec 20 13:29:18 GMT 2017

Hey Michael,

>Nothing wrong from your side, just a high workload here.

No problem :-)

> Does RT_NOREF without the digit work for you too, e.g. RT_NOREF(pClient,
> fHeadless) instead of RT_NOREF2(pClient, fHeadless)?

I was unsure about the usage of the variadic macro, as it's not really
consistent in the code.

Policy is to use the non-variadic ones only in header files?
If so, I could build a coccinelle script to do the refactoring :-)

I compiled again using the variadic versions, builds.
New patch after the beep.


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